Assigning tasks
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Assigning tasks

Before you continue reading, make sure you have some tasks and users added to the ftrack. If you haven’t created any tasks yet, see 'Populating the project' and see 'Managing users' for how to add users.

To assign users to Tasks, start by going to the tasks spreadsheet that you can find in the dashboard menu just below the top bar on a project page.

From this view, you can assign and unassign users from the spreadsheet.

Double click the cell in the Assignee column to show available users and select the users you want to assign to the task or click the small remove icon to unassign the user.

Please note:

The users who show up when selecting the ‘Assignee’ drop-down for a ‘Task’ is being driven by a tab in the ‘Teams’ view -> ‘Organize team’.

When this view is populated with users, the ‘Assignee’ drop-down will only show users from this list.

When it's empty, all users will be shown in a drop-down.

It is required to have at least one user listed in ‘All team members’; otherwise, all users are available for selection in a user-select control.

Another way to assign users is to use the task sidebar.

Continue by clicking the task's name in the spreadsheet corresponding to the task you want to assign users to.

That will bring in the task sidebar and on the Info tab, you can assign or unassign users.

When you assign a user to a task, the user gets notified about the assignment.

How this is done depends on your setup in Settings.

Assigning using the team board

The easiest way to quickly assign users to tasks that are not started is to use the Team board.

The team board is available on every project in the dashboard menu under 'Team planner,' and a user is assigned to a task by dragging the task from the left column and dropping it to the right.

The board is divided into two columns: Tasks not assigned and Resources. The Tasks not assigned column to the left lists all tasks that have currently not been assigned to any user yet, and the Resources column to the right lists all available users that can be assigned to tasks.

Assigning using the team calendar

Besides assigning users to tasks in the tasks spreadsheet and on the Team board, it can also be done in the 'Team calendar' that you can find in the dashboard menu under the 'Team planner.'

In the Team Calendar, the list of users shows how they are scheduled in time.

If the Unassigned pane is not already visible, click the panels button in the toolbar and then 'Unassigned' in the menu that appears to show the Unassigned panel to start assigning users to tasks.

The Unassigned panel shows all your scheduled tasks that are not assigned to anyone and it’s as easy as just dragging the tasks from the panel in the bottom to the Team Calendar to assign the task to a user.

Tip: Remember to press Ctrl+S / Cmd+S regularly to save.

Filtering the list of users

In some situations, you may want to only assign tasks or re-schedule tasks for some of the users. To filter the list of users you can open the Filters pane. Click the panels button in the toolbar and then Filters.

Three different filters are available to choose from:

Only show team members
Check Yes to only show members of the team. See Managing the project team.

Only show assigned users
Check Yes to only show users that are assigned to the object you are looking at.

Users and groups
Choose from a list of users and groups to filter out. If a project team is setup the list will only show members and groups from the team. 

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