Managing types
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Managing types

Types can be used to specify the type of an object. A Task, for example, could have the type Animation or Modeling to specify what type of work should be done, and a software project could have the types Bug and Feature.

A smaller company might only need a few types, while larger facilities would benefit from using more specific types to track a more complex pipeline. You can use these different types when setting up your workflow schemas, and you can find the settings page at System settings > Workflow > Types.

Please note: The order is important as that is the order the types will appear throughout ftrack.

Click Create to create a new type and fill in the required information.

Required information:

  • Color - The color representing this type in charts and spreadsheets.

  • Name - The name of the type.

  • Billable - Billable indicates whether objects with that type should be included when summarizing task counts, bids, and worked hours in most reports and charts. This may be used to separate administrative tasks which you may need to schedule internally, but don’t want to include as part of the work that went into a project.

Double-click a row or click the pen icon to edit a type, or click the trash can icon to remove the type.

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