Installing FFmpeg and ffprobe
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💡 Note that this article is about the Classic on-prem installation package targeting Centos6. A new ftrack installation package is available, please read more here.

Installing FFmpeg and ffprobe

FFmpeg and ffprobe is used to encode uploaded media to formats that the browser support. To install and configure FFmpeg and ffprobe on your local server follow these steps (making sure to replace "<version>" with the one downloaded):

# Download ffmpeg and ffprobe binaries to your /opt folder.
cd /opt
curl -O<version>-static.tar.xz

For latest version of binaries look at this site

# Untar the downloaded file.
tar -xf ffmpeg-release-<version>-static.tar.xz
rm ffmpeg-release-<version>-static.tar.xz


This require xz to be installed. If the untar command fails run

yum install xz

Symlink FFmpeg and ffprobe to /usr/bin to make the commands accessible to the ftrack user. Replace the part between <>  with the specific version installed.

ln -s /opt/ffmpeg-<version>/ff* /usr/bin

All done! Using the upload media dialog in ftrack should now work.

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