Upgrading to a new version
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๐Ÿ’ก Note that this article is about the Classic on-prem installation package targeting Centos6. A new ftrack installation package is available, please read more here.

Upgrading to a new version


Always backup your data before upgrading to a new version and ensure that you know how to restore from a backup if the upgrade fails.

Make sure that you have a maintenance window to cover both the upgrade and a restore if something un-expected happens.

Upgrading to a new version of ftrack is easy. Download the new version from http://forum.ftrack.com and follow the instructions here.

Staging server

We recommend that you use a staging server and test upgrading to the new, version before you proceed and upgrade your production server. Upgrading the staging server with the same data as on your production server will give you some valuable insights:

  1. Expected time to upgrade with your data.

  2. If the upgrade was successful or not with your data.

  3. Confidence that all your internal tools are working with the new version.

If the upgrade would fail on your staging server, please reach out to the ftrack support and do not proceed with upgrading your production server until any issues are identified and resolved on your staging server.

Failed upgrade

Even though upgrade scripts are well tested with a wide range of datasets, the database upgrade can fail or stall. If that happens, you should restore your database from a recent backup and continue running the ftrack server with the previous version. Once the server is up and running again, please reach out to the ftrack support for assistance.

Upgrade instructions


It is not possible to downgrade without restoring the database to a previous backup.

# Stop ftrack service.
/sbin/service supervisord_local stop

# Rename old ftrack folder to avoid conflicts whilst maintaining
# a snapshot of the previous version.
mv /opt/ftrack "/opt/ftrack_old_$(date +%Y_%m_%d)"

# Upgrade server.
tar -xf /PATH/TO/DOWNLOADED/FILE --dir /opt

# Upgrade database.

# Start ftrack service.
/sbin/service supervisord_local start
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