Using the sidebar
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Using the sidebar

It’s important to be able to quickly find the information you need when you need it. For this we have the sidebar. Almost all links you click on in ftrack slides in the sidebar from the right. All details on a specific object like a task, group (sequence or episode) or a project itself are presented in the sidebar.


You can open the sidebar by clicking the arrow in the top right corner. That will bring in the sidebar for the currently selected object. You can also double click on any item in the project tree to the left, or open the context menu for an item in the project tree and select Show sidebar.

You can quickly see what kind of object you’re looking at by the icon next to the title. Here’s a list of the default types:


You can continue clicking on other links in ftrack or in the sidebar with the sidebar open, that will just update the sidebar. You can go back and forward using the back and forward buttons of your web browser.

At the top you find important information such as name, status, thumbnail etc. What you see here depends on what type of object you’re looking at. Below that you will see a tab interface where you can see different parts of the object. Which tabs you will find will also depend on the object you are looking at. The tabs can be used to:

  • Read and write notes

  • View activity feed

  • Show and edit object information and properties

Additionally, you can also view objects related to the one you are currently viewing.

You can view the related objects either in a spreadsheet view, or as thumbnails. To toggle between the different modes, click the small icons button in the top right of the tab panel.

In spreadsheet mode, you can edit the object properties by double-clicking on a cell marked with a pen icon.

More options

By clicking the More button in the top right of the sidebar you can get a menu with options for the current object. From this menu you can log time (if the object is a task), create objects on the current object, delete current object etc.

Change thumbnail

To change the thumbnail on an object, you can just drag and drop an image to the thumbnail image in the sidebar or click on it to bring up the Browse dialog to select an image file on your computer and upload it.

Close sidebar

Close a sidebar by pressing Esc or by clicking the close icon in the top right corner of the sidebar.

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