Using Messages
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Using Messages

ftrack is equipped with an internal messaging system that can be used to instantly send messages to other users.

It can be reached via the Inbox in the top bar that also gathers status updates on tasks you’re assigned to, published versions, assignments and unassignments.

A new note in the inbox is indicated by a light blue background color and it can be marked as read by clicking it.

Sending a new message

To send a message to another user, click the field in the top of the Inbox. Some more fields then becomes visible that are used to select recipients, category, attachments, in addition to the message text. Select recipient(s), write a message text and then click Send message to send your message.

Replying to a message

A reply to a message in your inbox can be sent by clicking the reply field. In addition to a text, you can also add or remove recipients and attach files to your reply.

Starring a message

If you have a message that is important and that you would like to be able to get back to quickly, you can star it. To later filter your messages in the inbox and only show the starred ones, click the Starred filter in the toolbar.

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