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Internal notifications

Notifications can be accessed from any page via the top bar and keep you up to date with the most important information, such as new messages, status updates, published versions, assignments, and unassignments.

When there are new notifications, the icon will light up and show you the number of unread notifications. To read them, open the menu by clicking the icon.

To learn how to specify which information to receive as internal notifications, see Notifications settings.


Email notifications

The email notification system keeps you up to date with the latest information. It lets you know by email when there are new assignments, notes, published assets, etc.

To learn how to specify which information to receive in email digests, see Notifications settings.


Manager notifications

In order to receive project-wide or non-task level notifications, you will need to be added as a Manager of the project. You can also be added as a manager on the folder level too, in order to receive updates of that specific folder.

Any user with ‘Edit managers’ permission can add themselves as a manager to any level of the project by navigating to the sidebar, clicking the More button in the top and selecting Managers.

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