Creating a new project
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Creating a new project

You need a role with sufficient permissions to be able to create projects and objects.

You can create a new project by clicking Create new project in the Projects menu in the top bar.

In addition to filter and sort in the Projects menu, you can also use your keyboard arrows to navigate between the items and the Enter key to navigate to a project.

That will bring up a dialog with some required fields to fill in. 

The full name of the project. This shows up in reports and menus.
A unique code for the project, usually a shorter version of the project name. This code is referenced from the API and is used for integrations to other software.
Start date

When the project starts.
End date
When the project ends.
Workflow schemas control which task types you can use, which pipeline steps they correspond to, the different approval steps the different task types have and which permission you need to change it. Advanced users can change existing schemas and create new.
Private access off
As default, Private access is turned off. This means that it all users have access and it will show in all lists and reports. You can choose to hide this project. To hide the project, turn Private access on. Only users you allow access to and with assigned tasks will be able to access the project.
You can add a picture representative for your project, it is very easy, just drag and drop a jpg or png file in the thumbnail area.

Click Create project when you’re done. When you’ve clicked Take me to the project on the next page, you’re taken to the main tasks spreadsheet on your new project.

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