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Configuring legacy connect location
Configuring legacy connect location
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Configuring legacy connect location


Users that signed up to ftrack prior to the release of Configurable locations may have used the Connect location for publishing. This location can still be used but is deperecated.

New users are encouraged to use the Configurable locations and can disregard from this article and the settings it describes.

What influences where files are publish

The Connect location is a managed location that makes use of a Structure plugin to generate file paths. A file path is generated from:

  • Disk mount point. The disk is configured per project.

  • Asset path prefix, the path on the disk where the assets should be stored.

  • A project folder that you configure on the project.

  • A structure generated from the names of the objects where the version is published, the asset name, the version number and the component name.


As we’ve learned configuring disks correctly are important for a Connect location to work properly.

From System Settings ‣ Connect Location (Legacy) ‣ Disks. A disk has a name and two settings to control the mount points of the disks on Unix and Windows. Both Linux and OS X users should use the Unix path.


From System Settings ‣ Connect Location (Legacy) ‣ Settings you can configure settings related to the Connect location.

Relative asset path prefix
Specifies an optional extra directory structure within the project. Used in the integrations. 

Convert asset paths to
Converts the asset paths according to the protocol of the given operating system: UserOS, Unix or Windows. 

Default disk
The default disk used when creating a new project. 

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