Organizing users into groups

In this article, you will learn how to add groups to organize users into teams or departments.

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Groups provide a way to better organize your users. They can be used for Project teams, can be assigned to all objects except tasks / milestones, and allow you to direct notes and send messages to more than one user at a time.

Please note: The administering of groups is only available for users with user management permission.

Users can be organized by department, location, skill set, or any other way you see useful. A user is called a member when added to a group.

There are two ways how to add group members:

1. Globally: From System settings > Resources > Users and Groups

2. Per project: From each project’s Team page (You can reach that from the project outliner.)

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Creating a new group or subgroup

  • To create a new group, go to the System settings > Resources > Users and Groups > click Create group in the Groups header to the left, and a New group will be instantly created.

  • If you would like to divide your group into smaller groups, you can create a subgroup.

To create a new subgroup, go to the System settings > Resources > Users and Groups > select the group you want to divide > click Create subgroup button in the Groups header to the left, and a New subgroup will then instantly be created under the currently selected group.

Renaming a group

Each new group will have a default name. Click on the group name in the top to rename the group. The name is saved automatically when clicking outside the text field.

Managing users in a group

Go to the System settings > Resources > Users and Groups. Click the name of the group or subgroup that you want to manage members for in the list to the left, which will load all members of the selected group.

  • Adding a member to a group

To add a member to the group, click the Add members button. Select the users you want to add as members to the group in the dialog that opens, and click Save when you are done.

  • Removing a member from a group

To remove a member from a group, select the member in the list and click Remove members.

Please note: You can remove multiple members at once from a group by selecting more than one in the list and clicking Remove members.

Removing a group

To remove a group, move your mouse over the group name in the list to the left and click the small arrow that appears to the right. Select Delete in the context menu to delete the group.

To confirm the removal, Type DELETE and click Yes, permanently delete the group button.

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