Using groups
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Using groups

In ftrack, a group is a subset of all users. Each group has its own members which can be further divided into subgroups within the group.

A group can either be created globally from all users in order to be available on all projects, or created per project from users added to the project team. Global groups can be created from System settings ‣ Resources ‣ Users and Groups, and the project team can be set up on each project by clicking Team in the project outliner.

Adding a group as recipient to notes and messages

If you need to direct a note to more than one user such as the modeling group you can add the group as one of the recipients on the note.

Same applies when sending an internal message. Add a group as one of the recipients and the message will be sent to all members of that group.

Assigning a group to a objects

Groups can be assigned to all objects except tasks and milestones. Open an assignee drop down and select a group to assign it to.

Filtering a spreadsheet by group

The items in the main spreadsheet can be filtered by group assigned in addition to only a specific user.

Similarly, the versions spreadsheet can be filtered by who published the versions. Add the Published by filter and select a group to only show the versions published by the members of that group (or groups).

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