Account settings

You can access your account settings to manage subscriptions, billing information, view purchase history and download invoices. To be able to access the settings, your user account needs to be configured with the appropriate permission. Contact your ftrack administrator or for more information.

Account settings are organised into four separate subsections, accessible via the menu options to the left of the screen.


From the subscription page you can view and manage your ftrack subscriptions. The screenshot below shows what the interface looks like.

Depending on the subscription plan, it might be editable. If you wish to make any changes to a non-editable subscription please contact us at

For editable subscriptions you have the following options:

Adding or removing users

To increase or decrease the number of available users on your ftrack service, adjust the number by either entering a number in the field, or by using the plus and minus buttons. Then, press the save changes button. You will be presented with a new total cost and asked to confirm your changes before it takes effect.

When decreasing the number, the change will take place at renewal and you can continue to utilize the user count until then.

When increasing the number, the change will take place immediately. You will be charged an amount proportional to the remainder of the current billing period.

Adding a new subscription

You can add new subscriptions to your account by clicking the Add new subscription button. Select the subscription you wish to add and confirm the change.

You can only add a subscription once. If the subscription is greyed out, you can not add it.

Converting between plans

You can convert a monthly subscription to an annual payment plan by clicking the Convert to annual button. This will end the monthly plan and either create a new annual plan, or add the quantity to an existing.

Converting a trial to a paid plan

If you wish to end a trial period before the set date, you can press the Buy now button.

Canceling a subscription

To cancel a subscription, press the Cancel subscription button.

Billing information

From the Billing information page, you can update your saved payment method and billing address.

For security reasons, the card number of a payment method is never shown and must be provided each time when the billing information is updated. The type and last four digits of a saved card will be shown to the right of the Card number field.

Contact information

Under Contact information you can update who is the account owner. The account owner will receive information related to the account and billing via email.

Purchase history

From Purchase history you can see all your past invoices with the option to download them as PDF files.

Managing access to account settings

If you do not have permission to access account settings, a message shown below will appear when navigating to Account Settings. Reach out to one of the users shown with the following instructions to access account settings.

Who has access to account settings is controlled by the setting Has access to account settings. You can find this setting under System settings ‣ Security ‣ Settings. To give access to another user, simply edit the value and select them from the list.


You will need permission to access account settings to be able to edit the values. As a safety precaution, you may not remove yourself from the list.

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