Managing file types
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Managing file types

Assets may contain many different file types some of which might be opened in an external application, e.g. .mb for Maya or .mov for RV. This is accomplished by setting up protocols in System settings ‣ General Settings ‣ File types.

When protocols are set up, thumbnails and links can be clicked to bring up a QuickTime clip in RV or a Maya file in Maya.


Clickable thumbnails are always linked to the ‘main’ component.

Creating a file type

To create a new file type, click the Create button.

Name of the file type, e.g Maya or QuickTime.

Extension of the file, e.g .mov or .mb.

Protocol to use, e.g http;//, file:// or rvlink://

When you have entered the requested details, click the Create button.

Editing or removing a file type

To edit or remove a file type, move the mouse over the corresponding row and buttons for the actions will appear.

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